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For 25 years I was a classroom teacher--three at a middle school in Des Moines, Iowa, teaching language arts, math, and introduction to foreign languages courses, and then for 22 more at a suburban high school just north of Green Bay, Wisconsin, teaching a variety of language arts courses including Advanced Placement English Lit/Comp for 17 years. For 12 of those years I also read/scored AP Lit. essays every summer for the College Board in their in-person AP Reading event ("summer camp for English teachers" for those of us who loved it every year) and enjoyed spending a week of vacation this summer participating in their first virtual AP Reading (though that was just not the same in a vast number of ways).

And now, since 2017, I am the State Director of Wisconsin Academic Decathlon/Director at CESA 7 in Green Bay. Wisconsin Academic Decathlon (WIAD) operates in charter with USAD. I also very happily run CESA 7 Reads, a book review site, and co-facilitate its collaborative Reading Leaders Book Club with Joan Wade of AESA.

I'm married, have five daughters, two stepdaughters, a stepson, three sons-in-law, and two granddaughters, and love them as well as reading, walking, traveling, baking and cooking and camping.