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Dr. Joseph Goins

Chief Executive Officer

Focused on innovation in education, Dr. Joseph Goins’ career began as a Vocational Educator in the state of Tennessee and has continued to innovate academic and commercial spaces alike. Dr. Goins would go on to further his education in the state of Tennessee, earning a MS in Administration and Supervision (University of Tennessee), and an Ed. D. in Educational Leadership and Policy (Vanderbilt University) for a broader view of the challenges facing, and potential of, modern education. He has developed foundational skills programs for learners with the Tennessee Board of Regents, occupational profiles for a work-ready credential, and a statewide basic skills/mathematics curriculum focused on career pathways. Dr. Goins has built upon his desire to integrate innovation into education in everything he has done, promoting academic achievement, educator effectiveness, and outcome-driven leadership strategies.

Though adept at increasing market share, profitability, and the development of product offerings at his previous places of employment, Dr. Goins has never lost sight of his goal and purpose. In the private sector, Dr. Goins has focused on creating carefully crafted and customized solutions in education and the “Ed. Tech” industries. He has delivered sustainable academic augmentation processes for students and functional support for educators and administrators. Leading sales, marketing, and professional development efforts in all markets across the U.S., as well as internationally, Dr. Goins is well-versed in the financial, technical, and operational aspect of education, and the many parties that play a role in creating academic and occupational success.