Dorreen Dembski

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I prescribe to the words of wisdom that remind us to follow our passions and never work a day in our life.  As a communication professional, I have worked for nearly 30 years in the education field. I have worked for an educational service agency, schools and school districts, education-related associations, and various other organizations.  But here's the thing: It is my passion! I will do everything I can to deliver the right communication solutions for every organization I serve.

I started working with ESAs in 2010 while working at CESA 6 in Oshkosh, WI. In that capacity, I was the director of communication for the agency and also directed a team of people who provided communication services to our regional school districts. It was a big, rewarding job.

I volunteer, in many capacities, (and for many years) in the Wisconsin chapter of the National School Public Relations Association called WSPRA, including a two-year stint as president. Somewhere along the way, my dear colleagues nominated me as a "legacy leader" for NSPRA. That was quite an honor! I am also a member of the Public Relations Society of America and belong to the local chapter too. It is a great way to network and stay up to date.

Speaking of staying up to date, I recently completed two educational achievements:

June 2018: Certificate in Digital Marketing, from E-Cornell University

May 2016: Master of Arts, Communication, from Queens University, North Carolina

I now assist AESA with its communication needs and help other organizations too.  It's a great gig - doing what I love for educational organizations. I just couldn't ask for more! I also support school districts with school public relations and communication through my own business.